I forgot whether you agreed whether Caroline and Cave were Chell’s mother or not, and I thought there was a big post on it and that it would be in the sidebar, like the companion cube essay, but I can’t find it.


I do NOT agree in any way at all with the “Caroline and/or Cave were Chell’s parents” hypothesis for a multitude of reasons.

I never wrote a post about it (aside from like, random discussions I’ve gotten into with folks), but there’s already some really, super-detailed ones out there that give some pretty solid evidence as to why the hypothesis doesn’t hold a drop of water. I’m… not sure where they are though. I swear I’ve reblogged some but I can’t find them?? HALP.

But uh, the main reasons for it are that Chell is Japanese/Brazilian and Cave and Caroline are neither, so they cannot be her biological parents. Chell also refers to Cave Johnson as separate from her own father in her science fair project. There’s more to it than that, but those are two of the main reasons I remember.

There’s also the fact that it’s just bad storytelling. Like, really bad storytelling. Want to make a story’s world tinier and less believable? MAKE EVERYONE RELATED.

What would making Chell related to Cave and/or Caroline add to the story? What does that add to her character arc? What does it add to Cave or Caroline or GLaDOS’s character arc? You have this random plot twist of OOOOOH, she’s their CHILD!!! and… what? What’s it supposed to mean? What are we to take away from that?

Well… nothing, honestly, because it does nothing but cheapen the relationship between Chell and GLaDOS. Their relationship is not mother-daughter–it’s a heck of a lot more complicated than that. They do not need to be blood related (or even related on paper) to make their story more powerful.

And… yeah. <___> Does anyone have anything to add to this…?


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