Can you recommend some active hl blogs? If not, thats okay


Most HL blogs aren’t as active as they used to, i went through my followed blogs and found out 90% of them were last active at least 3 months ago if not a full year. I also tried to look through our tags but that wasn’t as helpful as I wished it would.

So these are the ones I currently am following. Of course there are also a lot of blogs that post hl stuff once in a
while, while also reblogging things from other series, but here are the
ones that post mostly HL related content and were active at least a week ago:











Ask Blogs:








Roleplay blogs:





(Sorry if I missed someone !)

I hope this helped somewhat. I also made my new HL related sideblog @zero-point-energy where I will reblog HL stuff, so feel free to check it out.

Oh and if you know other active HL blogs, please let us know ❤

I can’t believe it’s already 2017












Guys I’m crying omg I was drunk please stop reblogging this

They want it to stop…..we reblog it to the extreme

No no no lol please don’t

Forever reblog until 2017

O my god no

i cant stop laughing 

until 2017

only 3 more years.

I already added this to my queue, I don’t even know if i’ll still be on tumblr then

of course you will

no one leaves