The Beast of Black Mesa


  An HECU marine’s unfortunate encounter. Pretty much the best I’ve got for Halloween. Happy Halloween!

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Hello! Happy Hallow’s Eve. I’ve been working on this mini-comic, Ghost Stories, for a couple months between other stuff, and I’m happy to finally be posting it near Halloween. If you’d live in Philadelphia, you can buy a physical at Atomic City Comics if you’d like (starting in a week or so)! Otherwise, if you would like a copy, message or email me and I can mail you one for $5 plus shipping. The mini-comic is 4″ x 6″ with 13 pages.

I hope you enjoy reading this short story as much as I enjoyed writing and drawing it.

Content Warning: abuse, alcohol, death, depression, suicide



Welcome to the Half-Life Secret Santa event of 2016!

Secret Santa is a Christmas Gift/Present Exchanging event, where you are to assigned to another user to give a Christmas present to! It can range from Fanart to Fanfiction! And plus, anyone can join!

So this is how it works-we will give a survey for you to fill out with your prefences on what you would like to have as a gift. Make sure to go with something you are very most certain about! After filling it out, we will find another survey that is filled, see if it matches your preferences, then assign you with the person we think is most compatible with your choices!

The gifts/present that can be given/recieved are:
⦁ Edits
⦁ Fanart(digital, traditional, SFM, and/or GMOD)
⦁ Fanfiction(long and/or short(NOT TOO SHORT AND NOT TOO LONG)
⦁ Original Music
⦁ Videos(animations, PMVs, AMVs)


⦁ Please send gifts that you have created YOURSELF. If you are making fanart, do not trace or outright steal others fanart. If you are making fanfiction, do not use someone elses fanfic. If you are making music, do not use any one elses. Etc.
Please follow the preferences of the person you are creating the gift for. If you do not follow the required preferences, you will be dropped from the event.
⦁ Please post your gift on the correct platform.
The deadline to give your gift is the 20th of December. If you would like to have more time to work on your gift, please send us a notification saying so. If you do not notify us and your gift is not ready by the 20th of December, you will be dropped from the event.
If there is a prefernce that you would to change or you added by mistake, please notify us and we will change it before the person is done with your gift. If the person is already done with your gift, we can not change it.
⦁ If you change your URL, please notfy us as soon as possible!
Please do not post WIPs/the finished product of the art before the due date. You are free to post these once the event is finished. Posting before the due date will result in a drop out.
Please put as much effort into your gift as you possibly can! No laziness please!
Please turn in your application on the 10th of November! Applications will be handed out the day this is posted.
All gifts will be sent out on the 24th of December/Christmas eve(Chirstmas Day in other countries).
⦁ If you recive a persons prefernces that you dislike/strongly feel uncomfortable with, please notify us and we will see if we are able to change this.
ANYONE CAN JOIN! Just please follow all the rules and you should be good to go!

And to join please fill this application

Make sure to follow all the rules given! If you are curious and have any questions about a specific rule or gift, please just ask us!

Happy Holidays and Have Fun !

 -Mod Deer & Mod Middie