describing eye colors isn’t actually v helpful as a description??? talk about the makeup smeared on the left side, the lines under their eyes, the sloppily cut hair obscuring their eyes from view, how bloodshot or sunken they seem in the face, how wide they go at the slightest sound, how glassy and unblinking they seem, how they’re always darting away

all of that tells me a bit more about the character than whatever shade of gemstone they most resemble, seriously


hey quick PSA for people that bind


if you’re sick with the flu, a cold, or any other respiratory virus (ie. symptoms of coughing or difficulty breathing), DONT BIND/WEAR A BINDER. even if youre getting over a sickness, its a good idea to wait a few days before bind. binding while sick with a respiratory virus can seriously damage your lungs and prevent fast recovery. especially if its winter for you right now, be careful and stay safe. 






Please I beg you

If your kids think that they’re trans

Let them take puberty blockers

It’s completely reversible

Puberty is not

Do it for the children

had no idea these were even a thing

Glad to help

people dont understand how important this is. If you can stop the changes before they happen your kid will have a much much easier time as an adult.

puberty blockers are safe for children btw